What should I wear?

For the receptions, we suggest resort casual.  For the trade show, we suggest business casual.  Whatever you are comfortable with and be sure to check the weather for daytime/nighttime in advance.

How many buyers will be in attendance?

The invitation will be extended to all qualified entertainment travel buyers in the Tour Connection network. Tour Connection is hosting our top 100 buyers, however we expect 150 total.

What should I bring?

Vendors: Since we have a limited ability to store promotional materials, we suggest that you don’t bring anything you don’t want to have to store in your room. Business Cards and iPad presentations are likely enough. Buyers: We suggest you bring an ample supply of business cards and anything else you would want displayed on your table. 

Is transportation provided? 

Our preferred transportation partners have provided all attendees discounted transportation rates.  Please refer to the Getting There tab for all transportation and parking rates.

What if I don’t have a Coffee Meeting? 

Not everyone will participate in this portion of the networking weekend.  There will be congruent break out rooms to participate in if you did not get a 1:1 Coffee Meeting scheduled, please refer to the Schedule tab.  You will also be sure to see everyone at the trade show and throughout the weekend.

How should I arrange shipping?

Please email Hannah Goulding at hannah@tourconnection.com for shipping instructions.

Do I get a list of attendees? 

All supplier attendees are listed in the Event Guide, provided both digitally and hard copy at the event.  We will provide you full list of attendees post-event, or upon request.

Should I plan to eat outside of provided meals? 

Tour Connection is providing Friday’s dinner, all meals Saturday and Sunday’s breakfast.  Please refer to Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa’s website to view all their outlets/make reservations: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/california/hyatt-regency-huntington-beach-resort-and-spa/hunrh?src=corp_lclb_gmb_seo_hunrh

How do the Door Prizes work? 

All suppliers in attendance are welcome to provide a giveaway such as complimentary stay, gift basket, brand merchandise, etc.  If the item is too large to fit in someone’s luggage, please provide a certificate.  You’ll bring your business card to the registration desk.  Buyers will select out of a bowl of business cards at random.  The winning buyer will then visit your table to collect their prize.  If you’re unsure, just reach out to TC!

How much is parking? 

Please refer to Getting There tab for discounted parking rates at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa.

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